Oh, Humor!

It’s a necessity for life. Try to live without it, and yours will undoubtedly be filled with strife. It’s a common cord between us and releases tension and stress. It removes the grey clouds around us and brings in sunshine and happiness. Some call it …

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Oh, Parenthood!

Fatherhood, motherhood,
how difficult could it be?
Once you’ve had your own children,
it’s not that easy, you shall see.
Conception, birth, first teeth, growth spurt:
They roll over then crawl, walk, and then run…
When they’re your babies, it’s all so much fun.
Then just when you think you have seen it all,
they’re dating and driving themselves to the mall.
T-ball and soccer, football and dance…
Rest for the parents? Not the slightest chance.

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Kristin Johnson

This delightful book by “Ah Hum” features a quote on the back cover by John Mason, “You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.” “Ah Hum” certainly stands out as an original in this poetry collection that encompasses all of life’s experiences, from friends …

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Ah Humm

(who is she? This is important because we need to know WHO this person is so that we can care what he/she has to say)

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Oh, you will go!

Up, down, to or fro, round and round…
who really knows?
North, south, east, west,
no one knows which will be best.
Your heart that beats, your mind that thinks,
your soul that speaks… You are not weak.
It is your life, and those are your feet,
so sing a song and dance the beat.

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From chores to old age, accepting life just as it comes – with a sense of humor

A book of joy, laughter, and thought for a world that has lost so much of it. An any-occasion book to be given as a gift or a thank you to a friend, family member, work associate or even yourself.

Soft cover, 52 pages, 22 color illustrations.

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